Gojs version 3 stable version

When will gojs 3 stable version be released?I am working on 2 pages in our project which is one in version 2 and another one is with forcedirected layout having version 3.
One with version 2 is getting errors on running it with version 3 b6.

What is the error? I assume you have already read the release notes for beta: Change Log | GoJS

Got build issue in npm gojs package

What is the code for which you got that compilation error?
Does the code actually run correctly?

There is no issues in compilation
The issue is while generating build

You are using the TypeScript compiler, aren’t you? Which version of TypeScript are you using and what is the code that it is complaining about?

I think GoJS v3 requires TypeScript v4.5 or later, but I should verify that.

@walter There is no error in the code I use, but it shows after code was built for deployment
I am using Typescript version 4.4.*
BTW, when will be the GOJS version 3 is off the beta?

We could probably change this particular type to

Partial<Partial<Brush> & Record<(number|string), string>>

So that the class Brush constructor is:

constructor(type?: BrushType | string, init?: Partial<Partial<Brush> & Record<(number | string), string>>);

to allow more TS compatibility. You could try replacing this line in your project in node_modules/gojs/release/go.d.ts and see if it works.

when will be the GOJS version 3 is off the beta?

Probably within a week or two. But it depends on what we want to finalize in this release vs move to future releases.