GoJS Versions 2.0.2 and 1.8.37


This is a release to both the 1.8 and 2.0 branches. Several bugfixes are in both branches.

Changes for 2.0.2

Changes for 2.0.1

  • TypeScript declarations: we have created the ObjectData interface, defined as { [index: string]: any; } , to allow easier manipulation of data Objects, mostly in Models and change notification. Many methods and properties now use ObjectData instead of Object in the go.d.ts file. The compiled JavaScript is unchanged by these better type declarations.
  • We have added interface declarations for the “options” argument to Diagram.makeImage, Diagram.makeImageData, and Diagram.makeSvg. Also we have added more precise declarations replacing the string type for arguments to Diagram.addDiagramListener, Diagram.removeDiagramListener, Diagram.scroll, and for the properties Shape.strokeCap, Shape.strokeJoin, and TextBlock.textAlign. JavaScript calls to these methods are unchanged by these better type declarations.
  • We have improved the declarations for GraphObject.make. You may find that you will need to cast the result of calling this function or pass a result type when the first argument is a string. For example: $(go.Node, . . ., { contextMenu: $<go.Adornment>("ContextMenu", . . .) }, . . . . Also, you may find that event handlers need to have precise type declarations for the arguments. For example: $(go.Node, . . ., { click: function(e: go.InputEvent, node: go.GraphObject) { . . .} }, . . . . JavaScript calls to this function are unchanged by the better type declarations for GraphObject.make.
  • The HTML Divs created for the default context menu now have CSS class names: ‘goCXforeground’ and ‘goCXbackground’. The HTML textarea for the TextEditingTool now has the CSS class name: ‘goTXarea’.
  • When supplied with an argument, CommandHandler.expandTree, CommandHandler.collapseTree, CommandHandler.expandSubGraph, and CommandHandler.collapseSubGraphincorrectly operated on the Diagram.selection if the argument Part was already in an expanded/collapsed state. This has been fixed not to do so.
  • Performance improvements with JumpOver/JumpGap Links.
  • Fixed a bug with inappropriate invalidation of link routes when a Group was moved.
  • Fixes for SVG rendering of Pattern brushes.

Changes for 1.8.37

GoJS version 2.0.3
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