GoJs vs GoDiagram : which one is better

I am confused choosing a tool GoJS or GoDiagram. I find GoJS full of animation. I have seen many application in GoJS which are very attractive as compared to GoDiagram. Currently I am using GoDiagram. I have seen GoJS application script as well. It seems that it is very easy to make animated application with minimum efforts as compared to GoDiagram. For instance creating group or node, there is template which creates these groups or nodes in GoJS which takes very little efforts to make these node or group of any kind whereas in GoDiagram needs lot of code to implement the even simple node.
And I find lot of queries on GoJs on the forum. It means it is popular among the people.
Could you please tell me which one is better? I know both has pros and cons.

Well, version 0.1 of GoDiagram was almost 15 years ago. We learned a lot from building it, and from working with lots and lots of customers over the years. Then we did the XAML based GoXam and got even smarter. Then we started GoJS about 5 years ago, and incorporated everything we had learned and aspired to over the years. We built on data binding and templates in XAML in GoXam, and carried that forward into GoJS in a JavaScript friendly way.

Yes, GoJS has more features and power. And a ton more sample programs. and cool animation.

But GoDiagram is rock solid and does what it does well.

For most people the first choice is “.NET WinForms” or “Web App”? Once that choice has been made, the GoDiagram or GoJS choice is already made.

If platform doesn’t matter and you can choose… go with GoJS.