GoJS Web Forms

I am looking to use GoJS to build a flow chart type application.
In reality, it is a BPML step creation application.
It would be similar to your flow chart example.
On each step, however, there needs to be a series of forms to configure properties.
What is the easiest way to create forms with text fields and labels using GoJS?

Well, the obvious and only answer is to use HTML, so I’m not sure what you are asking about.
You could either go to a different page, or (I think preferably) show the “form” while the diagram is showing. In the latter case, you could either have the “form” be a separate panel in the page, such as Org Chart Editor demonstrates when you select a node, or it could be in a floating panel, such as in HTML Interaction.

A yet different approach would be to embed the “form” in the node within the diagram. To a small extent that is what the Org Chart Editor sample does too. Perhaps you would want to expand/collapse nodes to show that functionality, as IVR Tree demonstrates in one of its node templates.