GoJs with nextjs and Node. does not work

I am trying to use GoJS with Nextjs.
The DiagramButttons is shown on the page,but canvas with the diagram does not show.
I tried it with nex/dynamic but still does not work.

import React, { Component } from 'react'
// import GojsDiagram from 'react-gojs';
import dynamic from 'next/dynamic'
// import MyDiagram from './gojs/MyDiagram';
class Index extends Component {
render () { 
    const MyDiagram = dynamic(
      () => import('./gojs/MyDiagram'),
        ssr: false
    return (
         <MyDiagram />

export default Index


Any suggestions?

Best Regard
Snorre Fossland

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We aren’t familiar with NextJS, but it seems like it does server side rendering. You may want to read about GoJS in Node and figure out how NextJS interacts with canvas elements.