GoLabeledLink - Change MidLabel position


I am using a GoLabeledLink and setting a GoText as MidLabe.
I would link to change de MidLabel position to bottom.
Is there any property to set de MidLabel postion from Top to Bottom?


http://www.nwoods.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=2617 has a pretty good description.

We want to override PositionMidLabel method to calculate the MidLabel position of the link.
The problem is that we also want to apply a layout to the diagram. We noticed that PositionMidLabel method is executed before we apply the new layout but it is not executed again once we apply the layout. So, we cannot obtain the new positions of the links.

Is it possible to execute the PositionMidLabel method after the new layout is applied?

Which layout are you using?

We are using the GoLayoutTree layout.

GoLayoutTree layout = new GoLayoutTree();
layout.SetsPortSpot = false;
layout.SetsChildPortSpot = false;
layout.Path = GoLayoutTreePath.Destination;
layout.Arrangement = GoLayoutTreeArrangement.Vertical;
layout.ArrangementOrigin = new PointF(20, 20);
layout.ArrangementSpacing = new SizeF(50, 50);
//direction r l t d
layout.Angle = 0;
layout.LayerSpacing = 50;
layout.NodeSpacing = 20;
layout.BreadthLimit = 0;
layout.RowSpacing = 25;
layout.Compaction = GoLayoutTreeCompaction.None;
layout.Alignment = GoLayoutTreeAlignment.CenterSubtrees;
layout.Sorting = GoLayoutTreeSorting.Forwards;
layout.Style = GoLayoutTreeStyle.Layered;
layout.Document = view.Doc;

I put a quick test together, and I’m seeing PositionMidLabel get called during the PerformLayout.

Now… it might not be called on the second call to PerformLayout if none of the nodes had moved,
since everything would already be in place and link routing would be optimized away.