GoLabeledLink problems - please help

I have a class that is derrived from GoLabeledLink (actually to changes has been made to the class so it is a GoLabeledLink).
When I select a link and change the width of the selected link, like below:
MyLink lnk = (MyLink)View.Selection.Primary;
Then all links in my View is changed to the new width???
It is probably some stupid thing that I have done wrong, but I have gone totally blind on this one. Hope someone can help.

Actually, you are lucky you didn’t get an exception.
You cannot reliably modify a Pen (or a Brush) once you have used it, including assigning it to the GoShape.Pen property. That’s a (sometimes) feature of GDI+/System.Drawing, and GoDiagram depends on Pens/Brushes not being modified.
So do this instead:
MyLink lnk = (MyLink)View.Selection.Primary;
lnk.RealLink.Pen = new Pen(Color.Black, 22);
Note that by setting the GoShape property, you don’t need to call InvalidateViews either.