GoLabeledLink.ToLabel positioning


how can I change the position of ToLabel in the view. My problem is that I need more space between the arrow of the link an the text I want to display.

My code is:
Dim oGoLabel As New GoText
oGoLabel.Text = sLabel
oGoLabel.Alignment = GoObject.TopCenter
oGoLabel.FontSize = 14.0
lnk.ToLabel = oGoLabel
lnk.ToLabelCentered = False

Where to place which code to change the position of ToLabel text


The position of the labels is controlled by the implementation of GoLabeledLink.LayoutChildren. For the GoLabeledLink.ToLabel, LayoutChildren calls PositionEndLabel, passing it some of the link stroke points that are at that end of the link.
So you can override this method to do whatever you want, instead of the standard behavior.