GoLabeledLink Web 2.2.1

I am having a problem with the user moving the segment points of a golabeledlink.
I have a class “RuleLink” that inherits off golabeledlink and has a mid label also attached. The Rule link “breaks” in to two segments if the link is congruent with another link. I.e if two links are parrallel then instead of
– as a link
we get
One link will be triangle shaped and the other normal.
The links have the follow attributes:
this.AdjustingStyle = GoLinkAdjustingStyle.Stretch;
this.Reshapable= true;
this.Resizable = true;
this.Relinkable = true;
this at least enables the points in the “broken” line to move with the nodes it is attached too. I would like the user to be able to move the middle point of the broken line if the positioning is still not ideal, but this is not possible, even if the links middle point is selected and moved no change appears to happen, everything is still as it was.
Is there anything I should be looking out for with the properties, any methods I could overide in our class to enable my users to be able to alter the position of the points in the link?
Thanks for any input.
Paul Kinlan

That’s odd, because when I try this in Demo1 (yes, that’s WinForms instead of WebForms, but all this stuff is common to all platforms), the user doesn’t have any problems moving that middle point of the link around. I just used the context menu command to insert an additional point into a link. And I made sure all four properties were set as you list them.