I have a GoLabeledLink with the Orthogonal value set to true and relinkable. When I try to relink but do not drop on another port, then the DocumentChanged event for the view is fired, with the GoLayer.RemovedObject hint. This is required.
The problem comes in when you move one of the points on the link first and then relink and drop on a blank space, then the DocumentChanged event does not get fired at all. The link is removed from the View but the event never fired. It is crucial for me to detect this deletion as I need to do other things as well.
Please HELP!


I just tried defining a GoDocument.Changed event handler and checking for e.Hint == GoLayer.RemovedObject. This worked fine for me, even after “resizing” the link before relinking to “nowhere” to cause the link to be removed from the document.
So I can’t reproduce your situation.


I forgot to say that I am using GoDiagram - Could it have been an issue but has been fixed in 2.2?
Thank you.


No, I don’t believe anything relevant there has changed for years.