GoLayoutLayeredDigraph speed


I'm trying to run the GoLayoutLayeredDigraph layout on a graph with 500 nodes and about 1000 or more links and layouting takes an enormous amount of time.
Is it possible to shorten the time?
my graph doesn't have a tree-like structure so I don't want to use the tree layout...
Thank you!

Are you running version 2.5 or later? The code became 2-3 times faster with the simple reorganization of the network node/link/data classes.

Have you tried playing with some of the properties that might affect performance, perhaps at the cost of quality of the result?

I’m using version 2.5.2

I've tried to limit the iterations number and changed the PackOptions parameter to None. What else can I do?

I’m not sure you can do anything significant.

Does your graph have a lot of links that cross layers (ie. connect nodes that are not in adjacent layers)?

I only have one layer

I have already applied with great success an external layout algorithm (www.graphviz.org) to improve the performances of the layout. It may not be as sophisticated as the GoLayoutLayeredDigraph (I don’t know if it handles ports, subgraphs, link strokes that go around nodes…), but it was much faster.

Sorry, I meant layered-digraph layers, not GoLayers.
I'm just trying to get a characterization of what your graphs are like, to see if there are special optimizations possible.
About how long does it take?

I don’t have specific amout of layers but in general my graphs are strongly connected.
it takes over an hour :(

Hmmm, I just tried using LayoutDemo on a graph with about 480 nodes – it took several seconds, definitely much less than a minute.

Could you send us or post a screenshot? Maybe there's something about your kind of graph that our layered-digraph autolayout doesn't do well at.