GoLink at GoLabeledLink

Hello everyone,
I like to insert a notice (inhert from GoNode) to a connection (inhert from GoLabeledLink). This notice is reported to have a connection between the connection (see above) and the notice. This connection can be inhert from GoLink.
How can I do this cleverly?
I have already thinking about it and it is maybe easily to insert a third port in the middle of the GoLabeledLink, but then I have two questions:

  • How can I know the middle of the link?
  • Then the link is recalculate, I have to reposition the port. Where can I do this?
What do you think about this? Thank you for your answers Asterix

Sureā€“just create a GoPort, initialize it to have whatever appearance and behavior you want, and then make it the GoLabeledLink.MidLabel.
You can even create your own GoNode holding one or even more ports as a GoLabeledLink.MidLabel.

Hello Everyone,

If I create a GoPort and assign it to MidLabel of GoLabeledLink and connect to the GoPort mentioned. It always connects to the middle of the link.

How to connect to another point on the GoLabeledLink ?


Look at what FishLink and FishLinkPort do in the Fishbone sample.