GoLink Bounds


I’m new and I’m trying to create a simple diagram with GoIconicNode and GoLink.

I have a problem…

I have to call a javascript function when the link is clicked. I’ve done this overriding the GetPartInfo method and using the goPartInfo object.

On the view I’ve added an event handler on MyView_ObjectSingleClicked to catch the click on the GoLink.

The problem is that if I click near the link, the javascript function is invoked, but not the MyView_ObjectSingleClicked event handler.

I think because of the Bounds of the link… Am I right?

I’m not able to resize the bounds of a GoLink object that is a little large than the GoLink… How can I do this task?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Let’s go back and start at your requirement…

Are you trying to set it up so that there is some extra space around the link you can click and still pick the link?
If so, just set the "PickMargin" on the GoLink.

Thanks it works…

It was so easy that I cannot see…