GoLink disappearing on click


I am using customized GoLInk instance to connect between nodes. Whenever I select a link and click exactly on selection handle spot, the link
is getting deleted. Could you please suggest on how to suppress
this and block deletion of link?

Some selection handles will start a relink operation, is that what’s happening? It disconnects the link from the port closest to the handle and allows you to connect it to another port.


This is exactly what is happening. I have a handle of type
But I do not want link to disappear on click on this handle. It should allow relinking only on select and mouse drag.

That’s what it does by default. It won’t “de-link” the old link until it sees a possible relink point after the mouse starts moving.

If you mouse-down, mouse-up on a relink handle, all that should happen is the selection handles disappear and then re-appear.

Try Demo1.