Golink questions

  1. If you link 2 nodes that are vertically aligned from the right port of the bottomnode to the right port of the top node MidLable text does not appear in the middle of the link but near the top. Is this a bug?
  2. Is there any way to make such a link have bigger start and end segment lengths (orthogonal link)?
  1. I just tried this, and didn’t get the behavior you see. Perhaps there are some other considerations?
  2. Sure, just set GoPort.EndSegmentLength. (That works for non-Orthogonal links, too. But not when the FromSpot/ToSpot is GoObject.NoSpot.)
  1. It depends on where the bottom node is in relation to the top node - try moving it around - the label jumps around as the node is moved from left to right and back again finishing in the wrong place
  2. Thanks (if the length is too long some funny loops appear )