GoLink vs. GoLabeledLink routing behaviors (weird)

When using layered digraph layout on a graph built with GoLink derived objects, , I got the following result (which is very nice indeed):

The problem is I need the labels on the link to display information about them, so I changed my link class to inherit from the GoLabeledLink, and then the routing is not working anymore (see below)

Is there a way to correct this so my graph won’t look completely messy ?

Well, my first test with GoLayoutLayeredDigraph and GoLabeledLink worked. You’re not building the LayeredDigraphNetwork, are you?

I’m basically doing this:

if (this.Layout != null)
(sender as BackgroundWorker).ReportProgress(0, “Performing document layout”);
this.Layout.Document = this.Document;
if (this.Layout.CanRaiseEvents)
this.Layout.Progress += new Northwoods.Go.Layout.GoLayoutProgressEventHandler(Layout_Progress);

If you mean “do you call the .CreateNetwork() method ?”, no I didn’t.

EDIT: note that I still run on v2.6.2

Can you post the code that starts the layout?