GoLinks Not Included in EditCopy

I am creating GoLabeledLink instances programatically. The links are attached to GoPorts that I have also created programatically. The links are parented by the GoDocument. When I perform a GoView::EditCopy() (and subsequently paste into MS Word, for example), after selecting all objects, only the GoNodes in my document appear to have been copied. What am I doing wrong?

That should work. It works fine for me, at least.
Does ^A ^C ^V (i.e. Select All, Edit Copy, Edit Paste) actually produce a copy of everything in your view? [But if you have disabled copying, I suppose you can’t test that.]

Thanks for the quick response, Walter. As far as I know, the view and all nodes and links have the AllowCopying property set to true. I’m wondering if the GoPorts and GoLinks I’m creating need parentage other than the GoDocument? Do they need to be parented by a GoNode or GoGroup?

Wait–you didn’t answer whether selectall-copy-paste works.
Do the links actually get selected?
Is the image in Word greatly shrunk? Are your links just one pixel wide? Might the links have disappeared because of the way Word is displaying the image? If you paste the image into a format/application where you can really see all of the bits, can you see the links?

All objects appear to be selected when I do SelectAll because they all have the selection border and the links have selection handles. Then, after EditCopy, I assume(?) they’re all on the clipboard. After EditPaste, only the nodes appear. The image is normal size (not shrunk) and I can see no evidence of any of my GoLabeledLinks or GoLinks. I’ve tried pasting into MS Paint, MS Word, and MS Visio. Do you have any thoughts? One other note: all of my objects are added to the document programatically.

Sorry I wasn’t explicit enough about my query: Can you successfully do a SelectAll - Copy – Paste within your GoView?
I’m wondering if your links inherit from GoLink and/or GoLabeledLink and aren’t serializable for some reason. http://www.nwoods.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=517

I can do a SelectAll – Copy successfully, but when I invoke GoView::EditPaste(), nothing changes in my document. I verified that by checking the GoDocument::Count value before and after the paste operation. The value is the same before and after.
Thanks for your fast responses,

I didn’t realize that the objects needed to be serializable for me to do a copy/paste. This complicates things a bit for me in that I use the UserObject extensively to hold on to my business objects. I will need to make all of those objects, and their constituents parts, serializable as well.
What I’m really after is just to be able to get the image of the GoView onto the clipboard. I will try using the GetBitmap() method and see how that goes.
Thanks for all your help.

Serializability is required for copy and paste – i.e. writing and reading the clipboard – and is not especially a requirement of GoDiagram.
But if you don’t need to use the clipboard in your application except for transferring bitmap data to another application (you should not provide EditCopy/EditCut/EditPaste commands and you should set the GoViewDisableKeys.Clipboard flag in the GoView.DisableKeys property), then you can override GoView.CreateDataObject to do whatever you want.

Thanks much!