GoLinks serialization/deserialization

I have been trying to save the layout of my diagram and then reload this layout at a later date. I have been able to successfully save and reload diagrams with the exception GoLabelledLinks. These are bezier curves that connect one node to another. I save all four points of each link using CopyPointsArray and load them back in using SetPoint/SetPoints.
When looking at the loaded diagram I am able to see all nodes but none of the links. However if I select multiple nodes and drag them, the links appear with their correct points and curves. Once I stop dragging the nodes they disappear again.
I have made sure that I set these points after setting the fromport toport etc as some previous posts have suggested… Any ideas?

That’s an unusual behavior. Is GoView.DragsRealtime true or false? I’m guessing that it is false, and that for some reason the links are painting OK when creating the bitmap that the user drags, but not OK when drawing the view. If that hypothesis is correct, setting DragsRealtime to true will always leave the links un-seeable.
Are your links in a GoLayer that is not visible? Either GoLayer.AllowView is false, or, the layer is not in the GoView.Layers collection. Or maybe that layer is behind something that is occluding the links?
Can you draw new links interactively? If so, do they appear normal? Are they on the same layer, and do they have the same properties as the links you reconstituted when loading?

thanks for your help, I resolved the issue. I had mistakenly removed the important line of code which adds the links to the linklayer! :)