GoMultiTextNode and first line


I'm currently creating a GoMultiTextNode using this:
GoMultiTextNode n = new GoMultiTextNode();
n.Brush = new SolidBrush(Color.Beige);
n.BorderPen = Pens.Black;
n.ItemWidth = 120;
fnGoText header = new fnGoText("Header");
header.Height = 50;
n.AddItem(header, null, null);
Then I add the other nodes, what I need is that the first node the GoText label appears on the bottom and have a image on the top. Can this be done?
Thanks in advance,

I assume you mean “item” instead of “node”.

You could certainly have the first item be a GoImage, and the last one be a GoText with whatever appearance you like. Is that what you are asking?