GoMultiTextNode and GoImage

I having one small problem: I have a GoMultiTextNode and when I try to add a GoImage even though the image is 24x24 it is always streched to the GoMultiTextNode width. I have tried to turn all AutoRe* and no luck. Can anyone please help me?

This code:
[code] GoMultiTextNode mtn1 = new GoMultiTextNode();
GoImage img1 = new GoImage();
img1.Selectable = false;
img1.Name = "doc.gif";
img1.Size = new SizeF(16, 16);
mtn1.AddItem(img1, null, null);
mtn1.AddString("Second Item");

This is correct it works, but I need to have all items with the same width. For this I set mtn1.ItemWidth=120 (i.e.) now the bitmap is stretched, hown can I prevent the Image to be stretched?

Humberto Aicardi

Well, if you set GoMultiTextNode.ItemWidth before you add any GoImages, you can avoid that problem.

But if you need to be able to change the ItemWidth later, you will need to override GoMultiTextNode.OnItemWidthChanged to iterate over each of the items (i.e. children) of the node to decide what you want to do with them. This is what is normally does:
[code] public virtual void OnItemWidthChanged(float old) {
float w = this.ItemWidth;
if (w <= 0) return;
foreach (GoObject item in this.ListGroup) {
GoText t = item as GoText;
if (t != null) {
t.WrappingWidth = w;
item.Width = w;