GoMultiTextNode issue

Ok, I have a GoMultiTextNode( lets call it object a) that contains a number of GoGroup objects.
I created another GoMultiTextNode( lets call it object b ). This contains another set of GoGroup obejcts but they are initially set to
Visible = false;
Based upon certain conditons the object b’s gogroup objects
visible is set to true.
Well, the problem is that I am able set the propery = true but I cannot see the obejct on screen. Any thoughts.


I suspect that it is visible, but that it is positioned underneath other objects so you can’t actually see it.
Call LayoutChildren(null) on the parent node to cause it to reposition all the items, given their current visibility.

Walter I forgot to add one crtical detail to my earlier question. Object a contains object b. Object b was added to object a using the AddItem() method call.

So initially you can see B inside of A, but you can’t see B’s items. Then you make B’s items be Visible, and yet you can’t then see B’s items?
I think you need to call LayoutChildren after changing the visibility of GoMultiTextNode items. Actually, this applies to all GoListGroup items, not just GoMultiTextNode.

Is there a special support number or something of that sort that I can call / email.
I have tried everything that I could think of, but the visibility of the obejcts in Object B remains questionalble.