GoMultiTextNode with check box

How to create GoMultiTextNode object
with check box control inside it?

And how to display check box in the RectWithCheckBox object
without pressing F2 button?


The RectWithCheckBox class is an example of using a GoControl in a modal manner as an “Editor” used by a GoView for a GoObject (in this case a GoRectangle).
It sounds like you want to use a GoControl as part of a GoGroup in a document, so that when that group is shown in a GoView, the GoControl creates and initializes a CheckBox. Basically that involves initializing the GoControl.ControlType to refer to typeof(CheckBox).
Unlike most objects, which are self-contained and don’t require cooperation with a WinForms Control, GoControl only creates the Windows.Forms.Control when needed, as a child of the GoView. You can do initialization either in an override of GoControl.CreateControl, or more commonly, in an implementation of the IGoControlObject.GoControl property setter in a class inheriting from the kind of WinForm Control that you want to create.
You typically want to override other methods on Control anyway, to also handle termination and focus issues, which is why the second choice is more popular.