GoOverview shows the whole GoView and a rectangle inside which part of GoView is surrounded, which is visible in GoView
Is it possible to move thie rectangle to change the visible part in GoView?
If yes, what do I have to do to get this run?
Thank you very much for your help

By default, you should get a “drag” cursor over the edge of the rectangle, and you should be able to drag that to change the visible part of the view.

Sorry Jake,

but I can't drag neither in my application nor in your Demo
Thank your for your help

same with: http://localhost:49181/NodeLinkDemo/WebForm1.aspx

Do you see the drag cursor?

Yes, Jake, I see the drag cursor. I hold down left mouse button und drag it to any side and nothing happens with your demo: NodeLinkDemo/WebForm1.aspx

the drag cursor in the overview window moves but nothing moves in the goview window

You don’t actually see the drag in real time. The main view should scroll to a new location on the mouse-up.

But it does not scrol, neither in real time nore later

Please have look at my email to you

Hi Jake,

I found in "GoDiagram FAQ.chm" but not in "GoUserGuide.pdf":
"For Web Forms, you’ll need to set the Observed property each time the page loads."
Now GoOverview works for me, but the Undomanager does not! See my mails to you.
Today we will decide, if we will buy GoDiagram or TomSawyer.
Therefore I need all of my application running this afternoon (GMT) also the undomanager.
Thank you for your help

You have enabled the UndoManager, right? It isn’t enabled by default, you need a line like:

doc.UndoManager = new GoUndoManager();

If you have that, make sure your GoDocument.SerializesUndoManager property is to true. (It should default to true.)

Yes, I create an Undomanager

Yes, GoDocument.SerializesUndoManager property is to true
No, nothing is working
What is the right way:
1. Create a Button with "onclick="goAction('undo','MyView')""
2. Create a button which calls GoView.Document.Undo function in the onclick call back event in the vb code.
I found in the Button event the GoView.Document.Undomanager is nothing.
I would be happy to get the undo/redo functionality in my app.
BTW: GoDiagramn was bought yesterday

Well, you’re using SQL or state server, right? May be a problem with that, but let’s just make sure the rest of this is wired up correctly.

Do you have other goAction buttons that work?

If you want to send me the relavent .vb and aspx files, I’ll look through them.

Thanks for the order.

Hi Jake,

YES, we use SQL state server
NO, goAction does not work. I do my own Zoom In/Out/Fit with an event handler.
I'll try to make a short app to send you the code
Thank you very much

Do a View Source on the aspx page and check the name of the GoView. Is the name “MyView”?

No, <GoWeb:GoView ID=“GoView1” runat=“server” />

The you want