GoPalette_ControlRemoved() event

Good Morning: This is probably another instance where there's a perfectly obvious solution which I am not quite getting, but here goes: I have an application, not unlike the IconicApp.sln sample, in which I allow the user to add and remove GoIconicNodes from a GoPallette. I find I need to know when a node has been removed. The obvious place to do my work would be the GoPalette_ControlRemoved() event, yet I'm not finding this event to be occurring. Is there any trick required for the GoPalette_ControlRemoved() to fire? To test, I've added the GoPalette_ControlAdded() which also fails to happen. The GoPalette_DocumentChanged(), however, is occurring and I suppose I could adapt that to my purposes, but the removed event is really where I should do my work. Have you any thoughts? Thanks, Doug Paulsen


What’s ControlRemoved? Do you mean Control.ControlRemoved? But the objects in a GoPalette document are not Controls–they are GoObjects.
You probably need to implement either a SelectionDeleted event handler, which tells you when the user deleted something, or a GoDocument.Changed event handler, on the palette’s Document, which tells you whenever any code removes an object from the document.