GoPalette GoIconicNode dragging

Me again Smile. I have a GoPalette and a GoView in a UserControl. Every now and again (once today, a few times yesterday) when I drag one of the GoIconicNodes from the palette into the view the Node will disappear completely from the palette never to be seen again. Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround?

That’s interesting, because someone else just reported the same problem, and I am unable to reproduce the problem at all.
I wonder if there’s some drag-and-drop bug in .NET. Which version of .NET are you using, and which development environment?
I know it’s hard to remember after-the-fact, but when it has failed, did the cursor while still over the palette display the “no-drop” sign (the circle with the backslash through it)? Were there any differences in behavior besides the end result?

But the node may not have disappeared.
If you are able to drag the panel to bigger extents you will
see your node again. I was also not able to fix it.

Still got the same problem!

I do almost the same exact functionality as this in .NET but I havent had any issues like this. If you think you’re repositioning your node off the immidiate view screen, throw a gooverview object on your form, takes 5 minutes, and it’ll show you were that node is ending up.
Just a suggestion.


Hmm, maybe the problem only happens in Europe.
More seriously, I’d like to know which versions of the .NET run-time you have installed on which operating systems.

I have .NET version 1.1 and Windows XP.

Same happened to me and I am running .NET 1.0 with Windows 2000 Professional.
The resize of the palette brings the node back though.

I am still unable to reproduce this bug, but by analyzing the code, I think I understand one manner in which it could happen, even though it shouldn’t.
Try downloading and installing: [EDIT: obsolete kit reference has been elided] (this kit was created 2 September 2003)

Was there ever a resolution to this issue? I’ve got the same problem - occassionally dragging nodes from the palette to the view and the node disappears.

As far as I know, it was fixed back then. I haven’t heard any similar complaints since.
Are you running 2.1.2 or 2.2.*? Does the node disappear from the palette and not get dropped into the view?

Ok, I’ve taken a look at what version we’re using and its 2.1.1. To be honest its the only problem we’ve had so we’ve not upgraded the components.