GoPalette items alignment

I’m trying to left align the items in a GoPalette, they seem to be centered by default. I’ve messed with the GridCellSizeWidth to get one object per line, but can’t get it left.


That depends on what kinds of objects are in the palette’s document. Have you tried setting AlignsSelectionObject and/or GridSnapCellSpot?

Thanks for the hint and the fast response.
I'm using a class that inherits from GoIconicNode (leaving out the icon when using it in the palette). I had AlignsSelectionObject = true, which didn't work since that aligns the icon, not the label. After I changed that things worked fine.
I think I'll probably switch to something that inherits from GoText, and overide dragging to create one of my original objects. GoText seems to work a bit nicer in the GoPalette.