GoSubGraph Collapse

When a GoSubGraph is collapsed… the resultiing size seems to be the size of the contained object… How can I set the size of a collapsed subgraph to a fraction of its default collapse size?
Joe Licata

In version 2.2 you can override GoSubGraph.ComputeCollapsedSize to govern this, as the CustomSubGraph example class in the SubGraphApp sample application shows.
Caveat scriptor: in beta 2 (not yet released) the behavior may have changed, because we have added several “Collapsed…” properties, including CollapsedObject, which is shown when collapsed instead of the usual border. Thanks to our users who asked for various features!

I like the sound of CollapsedObject… In fact anything that enhances subgraphs I like! I’m using ( is that beta 2… ? for some reason I can’t find CollapsedObject for GoSubGraphs or is beta 2 a release beyond what I currently have?
On another note… Anything that can be implemented as methods and properties instead of using overides would be soooooooooo… much more convenient and understandable and appreciated by us mortals.
Joe Licata

Please try out the new properties (and updated SubGraphApp example classes) that are in GoDiagram 2.2.0 beta 2.