GoSubgraph , override handle overlaps Text

Hi Northwoods,

As per suggestions on this forum, I've derived from GoSubGraph and GoSubGraphHandle
so as to display an ICON along with the SubGraph.
However the ICON overlaps the SubGraph text in some cases.
How can I reserve some space for the handle, such that there is no text overlap?
Below, text is supposed to say "Brocade3900_6"
but is obviously overlapped with the ICON.
the derived GoSubgraphHandle's paint is as follows
public override void Paint(Graphics g, GoView view) { // DO NOT call base.Paint(g, view); this draws the usual GoSubGraphHandle RectangleF r = this.Bounds; Image im = myGetImage(....); g.DrawImage(im, r.X, r.Y); }
Martin Rojo
UI Engineer 3 | Quest Software Smart Systems Management | 408.899.3824 | www.quest.com

I found another topic on this, and am reviewing


ok. Let us know if you need help.