I use GoDiagram to draw relationship networks.
One of my requirements is to be able to place a node in two SubGraphs simultaneously (or any other visual grouping technique). Is it even possible?
Thanks Maya

Well, a node or any other GoObject can’t be owned/parented by more than one GoGroup at a time.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t have two GoSubGraphs overlapping each other. How you want to implement this depends on what you want to have happen when one or both subgraphs get deleted or moved or copied, or any other operations that relate to grouping and ownership.

Thanks for your reply Walter.
maybe using SubGraph is not the right way…
I’ll try to explain the senario, and maybe you’ll have a creative idea how to implement it:
I need to present network of people and to be able to show the groups (known also as cliques) that a person belongs to. A person can be in more than one group and I need to present all people and all groups. It doesn’t have to be SubGraph (I don’t need the expand/collapse functionality for example) but it has to be sort of grouping that will able me to move the entire group as one unit.
Thanks Maya

Well, it still isn’t clear to me what should happen when you move a clique, but I guess you’ll need to figure that out.
The most general way of doing this is by customizing the GoToolDragging tool, by overriding ComputeEffectiveSelection. The TreeApp sample does this. Although obviously that sample enforces a tree-like structure that you explicitly do not want, you can impose your own policies.
You’re at least the second person to ask for this kind of functionality, so maybe we should construct an example.