GoText into Edit Mode (without Clicking)

I am interested in being able to programmatically set a GoText object into “edit mode”. I am working on a demo which adds a GoText object to a GoListGroup. The behavior I want is to bring the newly added GoText node up in an “editor” {not sure if my terminology is correct?} so that the user can begin entering text without having to first click on the newly created GoText node. I looked up DoBeginEdit and some of the other methods on the GoText node, but couldn’t find an answer. I’m using the default textbox control within my GoText object and have the Editable flag set to true. Thanks for any help.

Yes, that’s the right idea – just call:
For example, the default implementation of GoText.OnSingleClick does a few checks and then calls DoBeginEdit. I think there are a couple examples of this in the sample apps.