GoText vs. GoListGroup

Im curious, is there a way to set weather or not certain gotext objects in a golist group have borders or not? I know I can set the GoListGroup BorderPen and LinePen equal to null, which will in turn remove the borders from the entire list group. Short of overriding the paint function of the golistgroup object and drawing only certain lines where I want them, is there another method? The reason I ask, is that we have a header section on the top of our gomultitextnode objects, the header contains lines of info, but I have to set the fontbold and fontsize property of the first line of that header differently from the next three lines of the header. I cant imagine that I can have the text property of a gotext node handle this on its own, so I planned to make each line of the header its own gotext object, and just to remove the border on those objects to make it seem as though they are continous.

I’m not sure what you mean. GoListGroup works with any and all kinds of GoObjects. GoText.Bordered is a property you can set to true or false (default is false, of course).
You are right that one GoText object can’t have two or more styles over parts of the string. What you could do is have the first item of the GoListGroup be a nested GoListGroup containing two GoText objects, the first Bold et al, and the second text object with other text styles.

Thanks, I initially thought that only gotext objects could be placed in a golistgroup.

Thanks again,