GoTextEditorStyle.ComboBox ERROR

I have GoText in GoDocument, and when a zoom out the GoDocument, and click button to open new GoText return me an error if I have GoText like GoTextEditorStyle.ComboBox. Otherways (not GoTextEditorStyle.ComboBox) doesn’t return error.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance

Are you setting a value for the GoText.Choices?


Yes, I am setting a value for the GoText.Choices with ArrayList.

ArrayList includes two strings true/false.

Well, I went back and tried zooming way out to the point where I could barely see the text, and it works for me. How far are you zooming?

Thank you for fast response.

I 'm zooming that my GoView.DocScale = 0.66.

Is this error connect to version of GoDiagram?
I have

Well, nothing that I recall, but that release is 5 years old (and my memory isn’t what it used to be). Time to upgrade. contact “gosales” at this domain for a quote. give them your old order number if you have it.

Thank you