GoTextNode behavior

Hi. I have some questions concerning the behavior of the GoTextNode and hope that someone (maybe walter :-) ) can help me.

1. The Label of my TextNode is Multiline (with Wrapping = true). The problem is that only sometimes a “NewLine” is added after the “Enter”-Key was hit. In most cases this expected behavior does not appear. (I tried it out without Multiline and the Enter-Key-Handling (-> EndEdit) works fine. So I don’t think that this is an event-problem)

2. In edit-mode of the TextNode, a click in the view will delete the entered text. I expected that the entered text is set to be the new text of the node.

Thanks for help,



That’s odd, because if I understand you correctly, I believe the behavior you expect is what GoText editors and GoView implement.
Could you use Demo1 to try out the situations you are talking about? You can use the Properties grid to dynamically change various GoText properties to try different combinations of properties.