GoTextNode position after update

I have this behavior:
right clicking an annotation (GoTextNode) I open a custom properties form. The problem is every time I update the annotation, the position of the annotation node in the view changes a little bit to the left .Why?

If you are changing the Label’s Text string, the Position of the node should not be changing (although obviously the Size will be changing). What change are you making? What annotation are you talking about?

ok, it is not an annotation . it is a GoTextNode used for displaying commnets. Im using a property form to display its properties (color, multiline, shadow, alignment etc) . every time I press ok, and set back all these atributes (even if i really haven’t change anything), the node moves a little to the left . it really doesn’t change the size, but the position

I have no idea. Try setting a breakpoint in a GoDocument.Changed event handler when e.SubHint == GoObject.ChangedBounds. If you look up the stack, maybe you can figure out why the Position is changing.

Forgot to say where the problem was. it was an
override void LayoutChildren
changing the Label.Bounds value