GoTextNode with Start background is boxed

I added a GoTextNode into a GoView control and set the background to Start using the following :

vNode.Background = New GoDrawing(GoFigure.Rectangle)

The problem is, this shows the start figure but it shows a box inside it as shown here :

How can I remove that box inside of the node?

How are you setting the green Start shape?

It looks like just not setting vNode.Background to the rect would fix your issue.

Oh my bad. I meant to write this piece. It shows up as the figure showed but with the square inside.

vNode.Background = New GoDrawing(GoFigure.Start)

Can you post all the code for the creation and initialization of the node? thanks.

Private Function getNode(ByVal vText As String) As GoTextNode

Dim vNode As New GoTextNode()

vNode.Text = vText

vNode.PartID = GoViewMain.Document.Count

vNode.BottomPort.Visible = False

vNode.TopPort = getInputPort()

vNode.LeftPort = getTruePort()

vNode.RightPort = getFalsePort()

vNode.Label.Wrapping = True

vNode.Label.Editable = False

vNode.Editable = False

vNode.TopLeftMargin = New SizeF(10, 5)

vNode.BottomRightMargin = New SizeF(10, 5)

vNode.Shadowed = True

Dim first As Color = Color.FromArgb(70, 174, 250)

Dim second As Color = Color.FromArgb(214, 225, 235)

vNode.Shape.FillShapeHighlight(first, second)

If GoViewMain.Document.Count = 0 Then

vNode.Background = New GoDrawing(GoFigure.Start)



vNode.Background = New GoDrawing(GoFigure.Rectangle)

vNode.Shape.FillShapeHighlight(first, second)

End If

Return vNode

End Function

Oh! That’s what GoFigure.Start looks like. It has the 2 vertical lines.

Try GoFigure.RoundedRectangle.

[QUOTE=Jake] Oh! That’s what GoFigure.Start looks like. It has the 2 vertical lines.

Try GoFigure.RoundedRectangle.[/quote]

Yep that did it. Thank you for the help.