GoToolZooming modal question

I’m using version GoDiagram v2.6.1.2 and I would like my GoToolZooming to be active until the user decides to drop out of the mode. I use the tool to perform the zoom area action. I tried setting the Modal property thinking that it would work similar to the GoToolPanning tool but no such luck. It performed the action once and I was no longer in the tool.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

Modal doesn’t mean “permanent”. It just means “wait til you see the mouse down, then be active until the mouse up”.

At the point the zoom tool stops, the default tool becomes active again.

so… when you set the zoom tool, also set the DefaultTool.

GoToolZooming zoomer = new GoToolZooming(goView1);

zoomer.Modal = true;

goView1.Tool = zoomer;

goView1.DefaultTool = zoomer;

You didn’t ask for an opinion… but I think this is a very bad idea. Users are going to “get stuck” in zoom mode and not know how to get out. They will report a “zoom bug” in your interface. they won’t be happy.

Thanks. Setting the DefaultTool solves the problem.

Our application has the concept of “mode”. For example, clicking an object in the tool palette to add the object to diagram would keep the user in this mode until the user cancels out by pressing key or clicking on the Select tool. Example of other modes - linking, relinking, move ports, etc. Our visual cue that a mode is in effect is a change to the cursor.

Our zoom area tool does change the cursor (to a zoom symbol) but only allow the action once hence we’re thinking of making it more consistent with the other modes. From your advice I need to rethink if we want to do this.

well, everything is context. if your users really are used to modes, then maybe they’ll be happy. It just sounded a little odd to me.

that, plus the fact that I’m just more grumpy in the morning.