I have a lot of newbie questions today:
“The GoToolZooming tool is very similar to GoToolRubberBanding, but instead changes the document position and scale of a view to correspond to the rectangular box that was drawn. This tool is not normally used by GoView, but it is used by GoOverview”
could someone please explain the relationship between the box and the resulting scale and position in greater detail? I am using the tool for GoView, expecting the resulting view zoomed in around the center of the drawn box, but it seems like the left side is zoomed in.
Additionally, in the context of using the tool in GoViews as a zoom in/zoom out instrument, what would be the way for zooming back out on certain mouse events…? My view only zooms in right now.
I am asking so much today,

The result of using GoToolZooming will cause the Observed GoView to be scaled and positioned in the document to match the box that is drawn, but limited by the standard behavior of GoView.LimitDocScale and LimitDocPosition. By default those methods keep the doc scale from being less than 0.01 or greater than 10 (if I recall correctly) and keep the doc position to be within the document TopLeft and Size area. So if you try to zoom to an area beyond the document’s area, you might get an area that is close by but within the document.
For zooming out, that should work if you draw a larger box than it currently is. Maybe there should be some other way to zoom out, perhaps by using a different button, or with a modifier. But I notice that drawing the box outside of a GoOverview in GoDiagram Web doesn’t work.