GoView and ObjectSpaces


The changes that come with the next incarnation of .Net found in the VisualStudio 2.0 Beta may offer some complimentary functionality to GoDiagram. Right now saving and loading elements of a GoView requires some detail XML or DB code. Whidbley comes with ObjectSpaces something very similar to JDO (Java Data Objects)… Genuinely neat stuff that makes saving objects and related orbjects pretty much transparent on the DB coding level. Even thouigh GoView is serializable, it is not reasonable or preferred way of saving contents of a view. ObjectSpaces seems to offfer some very nice opportunities for selective saving/loading of various levels and elements of a view by adding maybe a “Save” method to GoView. Such a method would offer options for saving only specific content objects and their properties (Nodes, Links, coordinates, etc…).
Just a thought and possible a way to avoid all the negatives of serialization with an easy function for GoView object saving and restoring
Joe Licata