GoView and SharePoint 2010

I am running a SharePoint 2010 Farm and trying to create a visual webpart with a GoView control. I am using the Framework 3.5 version of the control as SharePoint 2010 does not support higher Frameworks.
I have made sure that the GoWeb.js is included in the webpart and have set the SessionStarted event in the PageLoad of the control to point to the InitializeDocument as in the example source code

MyView.SessionStarted += new EventHandler(InitializeDocument);
. Additionally, I have added the GoWebImage.axd handler to the web.config.
The issues are that the InitializeDocument method specified on the SessionStarted Event never gets called, and even when I force it. The GoWebImage.axd handler call returns an http 200 but no response data.

Any thoughts?

I’ve emailed you an old WebParts sample I did 4 years ago.

This is where I insert my usual advice to use GoJS for web apps. I’m pretty sure we have some recent customer success with GoJS and SharePoint, I’ll have Simon comment…

We do have customers using GoJS as part of their sharepoint site.

I highly suggest GoJS instead of GoDiagram web if you’re making a modern app.

Thanks Jake, if I can’t get the GoWeb to work with SharePoint I will have to work with GoJS, how compatible are they from a functional perspective?


I appreciate the sample, however the dll version you supplied requires Framework 4.0, I specifically mentioned that SharePoint 2010 does not support anything higher than 3.5. I am wondering if there is something inherently incompatible with your Framework 3.5 version dll.

Also, I see both a LICX and the App_Licenses.dll files included in your sample, do these files needs to be published as part of the SharePoint deployment?

I just looked at GoJS, and it looks to have the same limitation that led me to use GoDiagram instead of the telerik OrgChart control. I don’t see a way that a node can have 2 parents…I am trying to create a document link tree…it is very often that a child document is pointed to by multiple parents. in the json data in your samples i don’t see a way of defining more than one parent on a node without repeating the node with a new key.

If there aren’t too many nodes, you could use LayeredDigraphLayout. See for example this sample:


We are getting closer. For my requirements I need multiple lines of text with different styles. I tried adding a TextBlock to that example like this;

$(go.TextBlock,  // the text label
      new go.Binding("text", "stadium")),

and i changed the data to look like this:

 { from: "NE", to: "CLE", stadium: "Hopkins" },

but I think i am missing something to do with the archetypeNodeData in order for it to recognize the stadium entry but I am not sure what I need to do there… can you help?


Any help here? Looking to use your suggestion and move to GOJS but if i can’t adapt the sample to my requirements then I will need to look elsewhere.

Having the “from” and “to”, that looks like Link Data, not Node data. Otherwise, that should work.

If you reproduce the data issue on CodePen, we could take a look at it.

(Also, this topic has been moved to the GoJS forum)