GoView.IsEditing not preserved on lost focus

I’m currently testing GoDiagram and I’ve noticed that the GoView.IsEditing state is lost when GoView loses focus to another form. In my test app, I have a separate, non-modal Windows form with a button. When I start in-line editing a node in GoView, IsEditing is correctly reported as “true”. If I leave the GoView’s editor up and running, hit a button on the other form and then return focus to GoView, IsEditing is now set to “false”, even though the in-line editor is active and I’m able to finish editing the node just fine. Seems like losing focus makes GoView lose its IsEditing state. Is there a way to preserve it?

IsEditing simply tests to see if GoView.EditControl is non-null.

I don't see how the edit could still be active if EditControl is null. Can you confirm that?