In version 2.3 we have generalized the notion of GoView.NewLinkClass to be an instance of a link that is copied when a new link drawn by the user via GoToolLinkingNew. The GoView.NewLinkPrototype property subsumes the old GoView.NewLinkClass property.
For convenience we have also added two properties, NewGoLink and NewGoLabeledLink, that cast the NewLinkPrototype property as GoLink and as GoLabeledLink, respectively, which are by far the most common link types.
So specifying that all new links should have hollow arrowheads is now just:
goView1.NewGoLink.ToArrow = true;
goView1.NewGoLink.ToArrowFilled = false;
But note that you will still need to define GoView.LinkCreated event handlers to perform actions that need to be performed for each link creation, such as defining unique labels for GoLabeledLinks, or such as changing the Pen depending on the ports/nodes that the new link connects.