GoView noPost Reload Image

First, let me outline what i’m trying to do here… using
I’m populating a GoView using a dataset i create in a database. All works fine the first run through (i’ve got 4 nodes added to my view). Next, i change some hidden parameters on the webform and resubmit the page so i can get an updated dataset (which pulls back 9 nodes and adds them to the view). However, the image remains the same. I have my view set up as View.NoPost = True, but shouldn’t the image reload when the webform containing the View itself is reloaded? Am I missing something? I need to reload the container page to get the new dataset (which is correct … i’ve stepped through to make sure the node are added to the view), but like i said, the image doesn’t reload…
any ideas?

If you are doing a postback, then the whole page is being regenerated and retransmitted, so yes, the image should be reloaded too.
When in the ASP.NET lifecycle are you changing the GoDocument? It needs to be done after the GoView has been loaded (i.e. the Load event). If you implement the postback using an asp:button or similar thing in the standard fashion, it should happen at the right time, as the sample web apps demonstrate.

When i have noPost = False and i submit the form, there are certain parts of my page that do not load, in particular, my javascript files, (ex: ), stylesheet, etc. Also, myasp:placeholder... tags don’t load.
is there a way around this? is this an issue with Go and .net?

That doesn’t sound like it involves GoDiagram Web at all. You’ll need to debug your aspx page.

using a suggestion from kinlan, i figured out that by setting GoView.StoreSessionView() and GoView.NoPost = True for each goView, the image would be redrawn using the given dataset. Works like a charm now… thanks for everyone’s help on this one…