GoView Sheet Background Image Not Printing

I have added a Sheet to my view and set the sheets background image. I have nodes that are mapped according to this image but when I print the nodes show up without the background. I have Sheet.Printable set to True, the GoImage node is also set to be printable and I have checked all layers and they are all printable. What am I doing wrong?

Private Sub SetSheetbackground(img As Image)
Dim node As New GoImage

node.Image = img
node.Printable = True
Me.Sheet.BackgroundImage = node
Me.SheetBackgroundImageSpot = 1
Me.Sheet.Printable = True
Me.Sheet.BackgroundImage.Printable = True
Catch ex As Exception

End Try

End Sub

Sheet gets added to GoView.BackgroundLayer, which has IsInDocument = false. And Printing
ignores layers that have IsInDocument = false.

So… you could implement your own layer and add the image there, or you could implement this
simple GoView override:

class GoViewPrintBG : GoView {

protected override void PaintObjects(bool doc, bool view, Graphics g, RectangleF clipRect)
base.PaintObjects(true, true, g, clipRect);