GoView To HTML

If i have goview(page), And i need to make report of current(or more page) in the form of HTML. For this i need to take current(or more page) as image and then i do generate the HTML Img in form of Imgsrc.
so the quarry is that, How to take the current page(GoView) as image, for report generation.

GoView.GetBitmap(), and then saving the Bitmap as an image file in whatever format you desire. There’s some example code in the FAQ.

Thanx walter, i have written a method, as given by you, insted of directly calling the GetBitmap(), it creates the image of selected page, But it contains an page image also at top left corner(i.e the bug and i am unable to know where from it is coming. Somthing in rectangular form) can you help me out to fix it.
And in addition to that if i have n number of pages then how can i get image of those pages(n images).
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Is that something you see only in the bitmap, but not on screen?
Does GoView.GetBitmap() produce the same results? Or GoView.GetBitmapFromCollection, passing four arguments?
If you want to produce multiple images covering different parts of the document, you probably want to call GetBitmapFromCollection multiple times, passing it different values for the RectangleF bounds argument.

Yes it is somthing which is not on the screen, but in the image.
No the GetBitmap() is not giving the same result.
RT now i am using that for only one page and created method somthing like GetBitmap(GoDcument goDoc) and rest other line as u have suggested.

Hi Walter,
I am using GetBitmap(GoDocument goDoc) method as suggested by you but there some image is coming(rectangle) on the left most top corner of the image file. can u suggest some method. To fix it

Are you sure there isn’t an object there? If you don’t have any objects in your document, does the bitmap still show something there?
Or have you overridden any paint methods that might accidentally be drawing something there?
GetBitmap just finds the area occupied by the objects in the collection that you give it, creates a Bitmap of that size, and then just paints each object into that bitmap. So I would expect something in your collection (i.e. your GoDocument) must be painting there.