GoWeb Evaluation version not working with VS2010

Hi Jake,

We are shifting our project from .net framework 2.0 to 4.0. The project is still in the developing stage.

I am trying to run the GoDiagram Web for .NET 4.0 for our project. The evaluation version in not working as its giving “Licence Exception” error for our project.

Earlier evaluation version of GoDiagram Web was working fine for .NET 2.0

While sample examples for GoDiagram Web 4.1.0 are working fine.

This evaluation must run so that I can pursue my client to get license when we go for deployment.


How long have you been evaluating? 3.0.3 hasn’t been the latest version for over a year and a half…

Do you have an App_Licenses.dll in your /bin folder?

Hi Jake,

Sorry it was wrongly quoted. I rechecked, it is GoWeb As it was working with 2.0 framework I thought it was the earlier version.

So GoWeb is working fine with .net framework 2.0 but evaluation copy of GoWeb is not working with .net framework 4.0. It is giving licence exception.

I am evaluating it from a couple of months. Our project is in the development stage. We will pursue our client to get its license at deployment.

To pursue our client to buy the license, evaluation copy must work on our local machine.

Yes I have App_Licenses.dll in /bin folder.


Has this all happened on one PC, or did you move from one PC to another one when you switched from to

Yes I moved to a new PC and from XP to Win 7.


delete the app_licenses.dll and do a Rebuild All.

I checked it by deleting App_License.dll but the error still remains. Are there any other settings? Please suggest.

The sample applications are running fine. Then why my application is running into issues?


Did the App_license.dll come back with the Rebuild All?

Does the licenses.licx file contain Northwoods.Go references?

Yes its come back after rebuild when we have license.licx file. But not if we delete license.licx file (I tried both the cases).

But in both the cases it gives license exception.

Yes license file have Northwoods.Go references with newer app version.

Is there changes need to be done in the licenses.licx file as I am using GoView’s TreeApp and GoLayout’s GoLayoutTree components? Plases suggest.


Yes… just use the lines from a license.licx file in sample that uses Layout (like LayoutDemo).

Yes I tried using those lines but the exception still remains.


Please check the error I sent on your support email id.


Turned out nik30oct was using IIS for debug and not the Visual Studio built-in dev server.

So I’m tempted to just delete this whole thread as it has little value.

BUT it does show the value of giving us all the info up front… which in this case would have saved both nik and myself about 5 days of work.