GoWeb javascript file

I am using the evaluation licence 4.1.0 of GoDiagram for asp.net 3.5 version
A couple of problems I encountered are as follows:

  • GoView was requirng the Javascript file GoWeb.js; if this was not provided a Javascript error would occur.

*The GoView required the Goweb.css file; if not provided my Application_error event within the Global.asax would be fired with a file not found error. The file it was looking for was the GoWeb.css file.

With this in mind I have two questions.

  1. If we do not wish the client to interact with the diagram then can we set GoDiagram to not require the GoWeb.js fle.

  2. Is the GoWeb.css file required? If not then how to set GoDiagram to not loook for this.

GoWeb.css just has some stuff for context menus, that’s entirely optional. You can just remove the CssFile=“GoWeb.css” from the ASPX file.

GoWeb.js isn’t optional. There is a call during onload to goInit in the html delivered to the client. You might be able to migrate specific pieces of the .js file into your .aspx page if you want to avoid a separate file reference. But goweb.js is only 18kb…

What’s the issue with having the .js file?

Thanks Jake that solved the Css file not found isse.

As for the javascript file there is no issue having it just dont want files in our deployment if not required.