GoWin 6.3 License Key machine name


we are going to upgrade our application, which currently uses GoWin 5.1, to GoWin 6.3. We renewed our licenses in September, but haven’t generated a new key yet (since our application is still using GoWin 5.1, our earlier key is still fine).

As we understand it, when upgrading the application to GoWin 6.3, we will need to request new a license key, with our latest order number.

Our question is: in the License Key Request online form, which machine name should we use? Our Developer machine name, or the Build Server machine name? If we request it with the Developer machine name, as it seems more logical, because each key is assigned to a Developer, will it work fine on the Build Server?

Thank you in advance

That is correct – the License Manager application needs a development machine unlock code, so the server needs to know about the development machine.

That app can then generate a runtime license key to be inserted into your application.

That two step process was needed 21 years ago when surprisingly many customers told us that the internet was not always accessible. For GoDiagram 10 we have moved that runtime license key generation to our server, as it always has been for GoJS.

Thank you for your reply