GoWPF 3.0.3 - Copied Links Curve is not Bezier

Hi, i have a problem, that when i copy some parts, in my sample 2 nodes and 1 link, then the link does not have the same curve as the original one.

In the following image, you can see, the original top link is a bezier curve, and the copied bottom link suddenly ain’t a bezier curve.


My link template is pretty straight forward:

        <DataTemplate x:Key="LinkTemplate">
            <go:LinkPanel go:Part.SelectionElementName="Path" go:Part.SelectionAdorned="True"
                          go:Part.SelectionAdornmentTemplate="{StaticResource LinkSelectionAdornmentTemplate}"
                    <go:Route Routing="Normal" Curve="Bezier"
                              RelinkableFrom="True" RelinkableTo="True"
                              LinkReshapeHandleTemplate="{StaticResource LinkReshapeHandleTemplate}" />

                <!--This is the from-arrow-->
                <Path Fill="{Binding Path=Data.BackColor}"
                      go:LinkPanel.FromArrow="{Binding Path=Data.FromArrow}" 
                      go:LinkPanel.FromArrowScale="{Binding Path=Data.FromArrowScale}" />

                <!--This is transparent thicker shape for easier selection-->
                <go:LinkShape Stroke="Transparent" StrokeThickness="5" />
                <!--This is the actual from-to path-->
                <go:LinkShape x:Name="Path" 
                              Stroke="{Binding Path=Data.BackColor}"       
                              StrokeDashArray="{Binding Path=Data.DashArray}"
                              StrokeThickness="{Binding Path=Data.Thickness}" />

                <!--This is the to-arrow-->
                <Path Fill="{Binding Path=Data.BackColor}"
                      go:LinkPanel.ToArrow="{Binding Path=Data.ToArrow}" 
                      go:LinkPanel.ToArrowScale="{Binding Path=Data.ToArrowScale}" />

                <!--This is the from-text-->
                <TextBlock Text="From" go:LinkPanel.Index="0"
                   go:LinkPanel.Offset="NaN NaN"
                   go:LinkPanel.Orientation="Upright" />
                <!--This is the mid-text-->
                <TextBlock Text="Mid"
                   go:LinkPanel.Offset="0 NaN"
                   go:LinkPanel.Orientation="Upright" />

                <!--This is the to-text-->
                <TextBlock Text="To" go:LinkPanel.Index="-1"
                   go:LinkPanel.Offset="NaN NaN"
                   go:LinkPanel.Orientation="Upright" />

If i drag and drop a new link, then the curve is good, just when i copy a link, i ran into this behavior?
Any idea why this is happening? - Or solution of how i could solve this?

I also tried, to add a “Curve” property to my link data. and bind it within the template, same result. - Copied link curves are never Bezier.

Well, the copy might still be a Bezier curve, with the control points on the straight line. Look at it in the debugger.

You only have one link template, yes?

Yes, only one link template.
If i then manually add another link i got this result:

That’s normal.

What’s the value of Curviness for the Link.Route in the single copied Link?
Hmmm, it probably isn’t zero, or else adding a link wouldn’t have caused it to be curved automatically.