GoWPF 3.0.3 - RelinkToAdornmentTemplate & RelinkFromAdornmentTemplate

Hi, i have the following link reshape handle template:

<DataTemplate x:Key="LinkReshapeHandleTemplate">
    <go:ToolHandle go:NodePanel.Figure="Diamond" Width="7" Height="7" Fill="Blue" Stroke="{StaticResource BrushBlack}" StrokeThickness="1" />

Which is working fine. - I also want to create templates for RelinkToAdornmentTemplate and RelinkFromAdornmentTemplate by setting the following properties:

RelinkToAdornmentTemplate="{StaticResource LinkRelinkToHandleTemplate}"
RelinkFromAdornmentTemplate="{StaticResource LinkRelinkFromHandleTemplate}"

Currently those templates are a copy of the LinkReshapeHandleTemplate, just renamed.
I have the problem, that i am able to relink from an to, but i expect the diamonds to be at the beginning of the path and at the end, which is not the case.

Can you tell me what i am doing wrong? - Or provide the XAML for the default RelinkToAdornmentTemplate and RelinkFromAdornmentTemplate, because i just want to change the fill color of the diamond.

Many thanks meanwhile, Hannes

Look at the Generic.xaml file in the docs subdirectory. That’s just a copy of all of the XAML built-in to the DLL.

Basically, you’re missing setting go:LinkPanel.Index.

Thank you Walter. - I also forgot to wrap the ToolHandle in a LinkPanel within the template. - Otherwise relink figures where in strange position after moving nodes.

Anyway, the Generics.xaml is a good thing to look out for help/ideas. - Solved.