GoWPF 3.0.4 Diagram Background Image

Hi Walter, i want to achieve a background image for my diagram which scales with the zoom-scale.

I found some old forum posts where it has been suggested, to simply add a node with a certain width, height, and zpos and make it non-selectable and its data template contains the image.

This seems to work fine. - Is this still the way to go or are there better alternatives?

If it is the way to go, i have one question, since i am using the MVVM pattern, i have a bound NodesDataSource, where i simply add/remove custom “NodeData (GraphLinksModelNodeData)”.
My node data template is quite inflated in terms of containing controls, therefore i would like to define and use a more simplier node data template for this one diagram background image node.

How do i assign different a node data template for a certain node? - Thinking of about adding a new property in my custom “NodeData (GraphLinksModelNodeData)” which actually controls which node data template it should use.

Seems like i lack general understanding, where i actually set separate node datatemplates for different nodes.

Many thanks meanwhile, Hannes

Seems like i already found what i need in the documentation under: Template Dictionaries.
I will come back here, if i cant make it running.